President Ed Herr presenting BK Ontario VI members framed certificates of their membership

 Photos for 2020 - 2021

This is our weekly brunch meeting spot, Angel's restaurant in Brantford

Club Photo's;

Club photo's will be updated through out 2021 as rides and events take place.  Club members who have photo's of the various rides and events that they attend are encouraged to send them to the web master.  Remember to take lots of photo's folks, they make memories that much better!!

A picture taken at Tim Hortons on Garden Avenue and Hwy#403 in Brantford. This location is often the starting point of many of our rides.

Pictured here are Ontario I and Ontario VI members attending a "coffee meeting" at Ted's in Ayr Ontario.

Pictured here are Ontario I and Ontario VI riders in a charity ride for participation House

This was another of our group adventures. Pictured here are members of Ontario I and Ontario VI on a 3 day trip to Bancroft. This event was organized by Rick and Fran who did an amazing job. Missing from the picture is Bruce Durdle and Ron Mullin

July 6th, 2021, Ontario VI member John M. made a donation to the Landsdown Charity Motorcycle Ride on behalf of Blue Knights, Ontario VI. Members attended the presentation at the Brantford Police Station, 344 Elgin Street, Brantford Ontario @ 1200 HRS. Blue Knights Ontario VI would like to thank all who were able to attend this event. 

June 2020.  This was another of our famous lunch rides. This one was to the home of the "Lake Erie Perch platter", the Erie Beach Hotel in beautiful Port Dover, Ontario.  As you can see, restaurants were still serving folks on their patios.  Again, we had members from both BK Ontario I and BK Ontario VI in attendance.  Another exceptional lunch and ride>

BK Ontario VI Ride Captain, Rick set up a meet for a ride from Hamilton to St Catherin's. The group ended up at Outside Patio, 466 Merritt Street in St Cantherines to enjoy some fantastic food.  The ride was great as well!

Sid and his Ride in 2021

June 2020.  This was a lunch ride to the "tobacco capital", Tillsonburg, Ontario.  This ride was organized by Ride Captain Tom Jackson from Blue Knights Ontario I.  The ride was attended by members from BK Ontario I and BK Ontario VI. A great time was had by all those in attendance.

BK Ontario I Ride Captain, Tom Jackson set up a lunch ride to this location, Candyville Mart in Aylmer Ontario. Ontario I and  VI members were in attendance