Canadian Flag Patch;

  • Nothing is more patriotic than our Canadian Flag patches. These patches are suitable for vests, jackets or shirts.  Canadian Flag patches are $ 5.00 Cdn.

Blue Knight Crest;

  • The classic Blue Knight crests are suitable for vests, jackets or shirts.  Blue Knight crests are $ 4.00 Cdn.

Pin Keepers;

  • Any member who has pins on their vest or jacket knows the importance of proper keepers to ensure you don't loose those valuable keepsakes. These "Rally-Gater" Polymer pin keepers are light weight and use a set screw to secure the keeper in place.  Pin Keepers are $ 6.65 Cdn per bag.

Blue Knights Ontario VI Ball Cap;

  • Ball caps are adjustable and can be purchased in Navy Blue or Pink. Caps come with the Ontario VI insignia on rear adjusting strap and Blue Knights insignia on the bill of the cap. Caps are $ 12.00 Cdn.

Other Blue Knight Items;

  • Blue Knight Sleeves provide that little extra warmth on those chilly spring and fall rides. These Sleeves are available in either black or white and sell for $ 22.00 Cdn. a set.
  • Blue Knight Gold badge provides a little subtle hint to our Law Enforcement foundation. Blue Knight Gold Badges sell for $ 57.00 Cdn.
  • Blue Knight vest extenders are the best fix for that vest that has shrunk due to too much riding in the rain!!!  Vest extenders sell for $ 10.50 Cdn. each.
  • Ride With Pride shirts pretty much say it all.  Shirts are offered in a variety of sizes from small to XXL.  Pick your size and color.  Ride with Pride shirts sell for $ 30.00 Cdn. each

BK MC Insignia;

  • Attractive gold colored, metal insignia puts that finishing touch on any shirt or vest. BK MC insignia sets are $ 5.00 Cdn.

Blue Knights Crest;

  • Blue Knights crest featuring the classic Medieval Knight, blue line and sword.  This crest is suitable for a vest or shirt. Crest price is $ 6.50 Cdn.

Items for Sale‚Äč

Our "For Sale" page is provided for our Quartermaster as well as members who may have something they would like to sell.  If you have an item for sale, please send along a picture and a price to the webmaster and it will be posted here for the world to see.  

Exterior Ontario VI Sticker;

  • These stickers are suitable for exterior placement on windscreens, saddle bags, trunk lids, fenders, etc... Ontario 6 stickers are $ 3.00 Cdn.

Ontario VI Patch;

  • Show your club support by sporting one of our Ontario 6 patches. These patches are suitable for vests, jackets or shirts.  Ontario VI patches are $ 3.00 Cdn.

Interior Ontario VI Sticker;

  • These stickers are suitable for interior placement on windscreens and other transparent surfaces. Ontario 6 stickers are $ 4.00 Cdn.

Key Holder;

  • These key holders are designed for easy attachment to things like straps and belt loops.  Key holders are navy blue in color and have the Blue Knight logo.  Key holders are $ 3.00 Cdn.

Blue Knights Sticker;

  • Classic Blue Knight International stickers are $ 3.00 Cdn each.

Thin Blue Line Vest Extenders;

  • These vest extenders can be used on their own or in conjunction with the Blue Knight vest extenders to provide a nice look as seen in the second photo. Thin blue line vest extenders are $ 8.00 Cdn each.

Please see Blue Knights products for sale listed below. Please contact our Quartermaster for details.

Vest Patches;

  • These vest patches provide a nice look. Thin blue line/Canadian flag patches are $ 8.00 Cdn each. G.L.R.C. patches are $ 5.00 Cdn. Get yours now as they are going fast.